Vinod Zest Plus Double Griller

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Made with 100% virgin aluminium this exquisite double griller comes with a clam shaped enclosed design for dual sided cooking with ease. The grill pan cooks upto 40% faster by providing even heat and pressure distribution so food is cooked thoroughly on both sides.

The magnetic clasp seals the pan securely so it can be turned topsy turvy without any contents falling out while cooking. Ergonomically designed virgin Bakelite handles support a firm grip during use. With a double sided non - stick coating this product uses less oil and is toxin free ensuring that your grilled veggies, meat, fish or kebabs turn out healthy and delicious.

BASE - Gas Compatible
MATERIAL - Non Stick
PACKAGE CONTENT - 1 Piece Sandwich Toaster
WARRANTY DETAILS - 12 Months Warranty

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