Vinod Zest Non Stick Saucepan With Lid

Size: 1.4 L
Sale priceRs. 990.00


Vinod's Zest Non stick saucepan is made up of triple layer non stick coating which is scratch proof. The non-stick coating ensures that you use minimal oil. The thick aluminium helps you cook food without burning and is extremely durable. The handle is heat resistant and has rivets for better grip.

As it is non-stick, there is no build up of grease, making it easy to clean it. A soft sponge with some soapy water is enough. Additionally, because of its scratch-resistant coating, you can use metal spoons without peeling the external coating off. This non stick saucepan is gas stove compatible.

It is free from PFOA, heavy metals and harmful chemicals. So much better than cheap coatings that peel off and lose effectiveness within a few months of use. It is ideal for making tea, coffee, sauces, gravies, curries, cooking food for infants, reheating food and tadkas. It comes with tempered glass lid which allows you to efficiently monitor the cooking process.

BASE - Gas Compatible
MATERIAL - Non Stick
PACKAGE CONTENT - 1 Piece Saucepan and 1 Piece Glass lid
WARRANTY DETAILS - 12 Months Warranty

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