VINOD Legacy Pre-Season Cast Iron Grill Pan 24 CM

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Indian kitchens have honed the cast iron cookware since times unknown. The cast iron cookware can be used on stovetops, grills as well as in the oven which makes it possible to cook a large number of cuisines by using the same cookware. That means minimal space consumption and maximum utility which is just one of the benefits of investing in the cast iron Kadai, cast iron tawa or cast iron frypans. Vinod Legacy Cast Iron is Multi-Functional where you can Bake in it, Fry in it, BBQ in it. Perfect for delicious curries, sauteeing, frying, searing, roasting and getting that authentic Charred flavour in your daily cooking.

Heats evenly and has exceptional heat retention & Enriches your food with iron
Long handle and opposite helper handle for a steady, secure hold; hole at the end of long handle for hanging storage
With proper care and usage, Vinod Legacy Cast iron cookware can be used for many years / generations. To keep this rustproof/ rust-free please apply oil after every use. clean with soft tissue paper and preserve for next use. Don't wash with soap and keep it aside.
Heavier than non-stick cookware
Comes in an attractive gift box
Life Time Warranty

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