Vinod Hard Anodised Deep Kadhai

Size: 1.6 L
Sale priceRs. 840.00


Vinod Hard Anodised Cookware is designed with thick body which helps in even heat distribution and makes the cookware long lasting and durable.

It’s new improved coating makes the cookware durable and poses no harm to food. The beautiful, durable black finish which is hard anodised virgin aluminium has two benefits i.e., it makes the cookware absorb heat faster, making it more energy efficient and the cookware stays looking the same for years.

This hard anodised kadai has sturdy riveted handles for better grip. It is ideal for sauteing, deep frying, and for preparing curries and gravies.This hard anodised kadai is gas stove compatible.

BASE - Gas Compatible
MATERIAL - Hard Anodised
PACKAGE CONTENT - 1 Piece Deep Kadai
WARRANTY DETAILS - 24 Months Warranty

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