Vinod Hanos Non Stick Wok - 22

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The most durable form of aluminum cookware coupled with a non - stick coating and an induction base, our Hard Anodised Non - Stick (HANOS) range is a cooking enthusiast's dream come true. As the non - stick coating adheres better to annodised aluminium our HANOS cookware boasts a 5x longer life than average non - stick utensils.

This cookware is PFOA free, non toxic, non reactive with foods .It stays looking new for years. Made of thick virgin aluminium this cookware heats evenly, cooking food thoroughly and uniformly. Its hard annodised surface makes it resistant to corrosion and high heat damage. It also allows for minimal use of cooking oil, promoting healthier cooking.

The Hard Anodised cookware comes equipped with triple riveted handle manufactured of 100% Virgin Bakelite which is comfortable to hold with a firm grip and is durable. The round bottom makes this wok ideal for cooking fried rice, noodles or anything that requires good amount of stir frying or tossing. It is also ideal for sautéing and stewing chunks of vegetables, meat and so on. It is compatible with gas stove tops only.

BASE - Gas Compatible
MATERIAL - Hard Anodised with Non Stick
WARRANTY - 24 Months Warranty

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