Vinod Decora 12 piece stainless steel table spoon set, Heavy Gauge Spoon set

Sale priceRs. 702.00


This stainless steel Spoon Cutlery set of 12 piece spoons is specially designed heavy and yet well-balanced to give a prestigious feeling while holding each product. Its intricate design further adds a luxurious look to the cutlery set.

  • Vinod 12 pieces Decora Cutlery set made from 14 gauge heavy & high grade stainless steel which prevents rusting. Hygienic and bacteria resistant. High gloss finish is easy to clean
  • Elegant and innovative design. Long term Valuable, Tough, Strong & Durable product
  • Easy to clean & Dishwasher safe
  • Smooth edges for safety. It does not break, crack, stick or melt even after years of daily and heavy use
  • Package Include: 12 piece heavy 14 gauge stainless steel spoon set
  • Spoon Length 18 cm (7 Inch)

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