Stainless Steel 78 PCS Double Wall Dinner Set (6 People) Nikki

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Item Content - Full Plate (D/W) - 06 N, Side Plate (D/W) - 06 N, Bowls (D/W) - 18 N, Serving Bowls (D/W) - 03 N, Serving Bowls Lid (D/W) - 03 N, Water Pitcher (Vacuum) - 01 N, Glass - 06 N, Cups and Saucer (D/W) - 12 N, Dice Salt & Pepper - 03 N, Serving Spoons - 06 N, Dinner Spoons - 06 N, Dinner Forks - 06 N, Rice Tray (D/W) - 01 N, Salad Bowl (D/W) - 01 N

This Shri and Sam 78 PCS Nikki Dinner Set gives you everything you need in a kitchen. Either it is your first day in kitchen or hunting for a new kitchen utensil replacement, this high grade stainless steel dinner set is the ideal. A very well equipped not only makes work better but quicker as well. This posh dinner set will make your dinning experience a way better one. This dinner set is in silver color and has a mirror finish to it, moreover, this is double walled which means it helps the food to stay in the same condition for a longer duration and when you hold any container with hot food on it, you will not feel the heat. The design of this dinner set is perfect  and will fit any table setting. This product is the ideal choice as it is easier to clean it and maintain it, moreover, it takes less space in your kitchen. This dinner set is nice looking and gives you a luxurious dinner eating experience that makes it apt for open kitchens as well. This can be the perfect gift for any occasion and best host to your guests. Upgrading to this dinner set is a must in order to enhance your table setting.

Size Sets - 78 PCS

Material - Stainless steel

Color - Silver

Diameter of plates - Dinner plates: 30 cm, Side plates: 21 cm, Rice Tray: 37 cm

Diameter of bowls - Bowl: 8 cm.

Diameter of Serving Utensils - Bowls: 10 cm, serving bowls: 16 cm, salad bowl: inner: 18 cm, outer: 24 cm, cup : 7 cm and saucer: 12 cm

Length - Dinner spoon: 18 cm , dinner fork: 18 cm , serving rice spoon: 22 cm , dice salt & pepper: 4 cm

Capacity - Bowl: 170 ml, Glass: 260 ml, Cup : 150 ml, Water pitcher: 1600 ml, Donga with Lid : 950 ml.

Height - Dinner plates: 2 cm, Rice plates: 1.5 cm, Glasses 10.5 cm, Bowls: 4.5 cm, Serving bowls: 10 cm, Water pitcher: 26 cm, Cups and saucer: 6.7 cm, Dice salt & pepper: 4 cm

Weight - dinner plate: 730 grams, rice plate: 360 grams, glass: 200 grams, bowl: 100 grams, serving bowl: with lid: 620 grams, without lid: 380 grams, dinner spoon: 40 grams, serving spoon: 70 grams, dinner fork: 40 grams, cup: 125 grams and saucer: 75 grams, dice salt & pepper: 100 grams, water pitcher: 800 grams

Production - Made in India

  • This product is Food Grade.
  • This product is Food Safe.
  • This product is Durable.
  • This product is Rust Free.
  • This product is Dishwasher Friendly.

CAUTION: This product is not microwave friendly.

100% protection. To know more - 8199898909

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for family with Wonderful as an alternate dinner set

Quite a good and useful set to buy

Was searching for something like this for quite some time now, finally, it ended here!This entire set is a beauty!



Nandalal Mahato
Very nice 👍

Very good

Heena AS
Beautiful set.. worth it..

Loved the it on great pricie along with the good disxount..loved the material quality, thickness, shine... everything is just awesome..

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