Glass 320ml, 520ml, 800ml & 1100ml Food Storage & Bakeware Container with Airtight Lid Square Clickfresh

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Item Content - Glass containers with an airtight lid - 04 N

This Shri and Sam Clickfresh Food Storage & Bakeware Square Glass Container Set is a leak proof and air-tight glass container. You can pack your favorite foods into this glass food storage container for your lunch and typical food storage without having to worry about any leakage. It will preserve the flavor and freshness of your food for long hours until your lunchtime. You can even use this as microwavable glass containers. You can heat your food by placing it in the microwave safely without having to worry about any harmful chemicals releasing into your food. Along with that, it is also oven safe which means that you can even bake your favorite foods in the oven using these Shri and Sam Clickfresh Glass containers.

Material - High Borosilicate Glass with low expansion
Color - Transparent lid with green color
Size - 12 CM, 14.5 CM, 16.5 CM, 18.5 CM
Height - 5.9 CM, 6.4 CM, 7 CM, 7.7 CM
Weight - 280 GM, 390 GM, 510 GM, 745 GM
Capacity - 320 ML, 520 ML, 800 ML, 1100 ML

Care & Use Guidelines :

  • Before using we recommend washing it by hand or in the top rack of the Dishwasher.
  • The seal on the lid is removable which helps to clean the lid and the seal properly.
  • Let it dry before placing it on the lid.
  • To avoid any leakage make sure at the time of placing the lid is dry, push the seal in
  • the lid properly. If the seal is not inserted properly it may have difficulty in closing the tabs.
  • We advise you to not use any metal scrub to avoid any scratches.
  • The Glass Bowls are Dishwasher friendly, Oven friendly, Microwave friendly, and Freezer friendly.
  • Do not put an EMPTY bowl or lid in the Oven or Microwave.
  • Do not use the bowls on the stovetop, grill, or fire.  

Customer Reviews

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Neha w/o Sandeep Garg
Review after product use

Review :
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to use the borosil bowls and provide a honest review.
I am not a professional chef, just a housewife. So my opinions can be subjective.
1. Provided Set has bowls in various sizes. It’s a good thing as a customer doesn’t have to purchase different sized bowls when needed.
2. Bowls can be stacked one over another. Saves a lot of space as Indian households usually have mid sized kitchens.
3. Very easy to clean and cooked dishes doesn’t leaves much remnant on the bowls. Any howswife seriously don’t like spending lot of their time cleaning dirty dishes.
4. Material of bowls seems good as dishes inside the bowls get cooked but the temperature of the bowls doesn’t becomes too high.
4. In refrigeration taste and smell of food get sealed to an extent.
5. Although there is a problem with plastic lids. After being in an oven or refrigerator, some kind of vacuum is created. It prevents the lid from opening. It’s a problem because
A. Sometimes dishes need to be transferred immediately from bowls to separate utensil after being cooked in oven. Which can’t be done in this case.
B. If in hurry, one can’t just take the stored food items from refrigerated bowls easily.
6. Style and design is good.
Bowls can grace any dining table easily and effectively.

praveen singh
Best product with innovative thought

This glass container with lid from 'shriandsam' is perfect and does a lovely job. It let’s food remain at the desired temperature for around 5 ~6 hours and preserve the freshness of food , the glass container is microwave oven friendly and helps to serve food warm . I use it to carry my lunch to office , This is the perfect size. It’s also leak proof and easy to clean. 5 on 5 for a perfect product.
Can be used can containers to store both dry and wet items .
The 04 size give flexibility for use and can carry easily in pouch and bags .Light in weight and prefect in size


Awesome product. Thank you shriandsam.

Mausumi M.
Best quality product

I m impressed with the Microwave Safe Glass quality... because i was not expecting much thickness in this product but its really nice product...
Full money value..

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