‘ACAKJ Kitchen Experts’ is a brand name on Mr. Amolak Chand Arihant Kumar Jain, which was established in 1968. The firm was recognized at the time when Indian kitchens were far away from the influences of modern cookware and utensils. During the modest beginning, Vinod Steels had supported the firm to gain more influence.

From the day one foundation was laid, the firm continued on quality and innovation in order to evolve its name in domestic and international markets. Firm’s visionary, Arhant Kumar Jain had built solid foundations in which first decade saw outstanding growth. In due course of time, as the brand identity evolving- Sanjay Kumar Jain has furthered the legacy and dealing with more than 250 retail counters in Delhi and more than 150 retail counters in other parts of North India. We are the most trusted distributer of Vinod Stainless Steels & Cookware from 40 years. We have increased our distribution channel by gaining the distributorship of Jagdamba Cutlery Pvt. Ltd.

The core value of our firm is to provide the best quality stainless steel tableware, kitchen utensils & cookware.

With our extensive research and development in this field we gain lots of experience and thus always endeavor to meet the identical demands of the customers. Our products are manufactured both with premium quality steels and standard quality steels with the perspective of quality and price respectively. We assure the commitment in both the cases in context with value addition to the product and its quality. Vinod Stainless Steels & Cookware has expanded their business range by imparting state of the art cooking technologies like induction cook tops, non stick cookware, hard anodized cookware, pressure pans, pressure cookers and more. Being a respected distributer of Vinod, we have an intact understanding of the Indian kitchen and premium quality stainless steel which connect with home-makers of all ages.

Always a step ahead in the up surging competitive market, vinod’s brand ambassador actress Sakshi Tanwar has provided an ideal fit for its ideologies. From the past two decades, the brand has witnessed unprecedented growth for the steel utensils major. Our sales and distribution network across India is commendable and still increasing.


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